HC License

A HC licence truck is a prime mover that has at least three axles, and a semi-trailer with at least two axles. These vehicles have minimum GCM ratings of 24 tonnes, or a Heavy Rigid vehicle towing a trailer, trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more. If you are looking for a career in intrastate and interstate logistics, chances are that this is the kind of vehicle you will be driving. In order to drive this vehicle in this state, you’ll need to get your HC licence truck for NSW.


The best place to take lessons is at Kool Truck Driving School. We’ve helped dozens of drivers get their heavy combination truck licence at our Sydney, NSW facility. We have the best facilities and practice vehicles – not to mention, the most experienced and capable instructors out there. With our help, you’ll boost your skills, confidence and safe driving knowledge in next to no time. You will learn essential skills and processes, such as driving on highways and other major motorways, making deliveries (i.e. how to park or stop the truck safely, how to dock in to a loading bay, etc.), and what you need to be aware of when driving on city streets.The time it takes to get your heavy combination licence(hc licence) in Sydney will vary depending on your current driving skill level, and how often you are able to take lessons.

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