LR Truck Licence

Are you considering getting your light rigid licence(LR licence) in NSW? Kool Driving School can help. We have years of experience in helping drivers to upgrade to a LR truck licence in Sydney, and we can help you too. With great practice vehicles, affordable lesson prices and experienced instructors who can explain important concepts clearly, there’s no better place to go to get your LR licence in Sydney. We don’t just help you get your LR licence in as little time as possible, we help you become the best driver you can be, by teaching you all about safety, confident driving, and what to do in challenging situations or emergencies.

Light Rigid Truck Licence

This category covers not just small trucks, but passenger vehicles including minibuses and coaches. Upgrading to a light rigid truck licence(LR licence) in NSW is ideal if you would like to be able to drive a small school bus, hire a minibus without a driver, or even work as a courier in Sydney and surrounding areas.

To put it simply, getting this qualification opens up several job pathways, as well as personal opportunities. It’s also a great option for professionals who want to add to their resume and perhaps take on extra responsibility; everyone from teachers’ aids to logistics staff can benefit from having this type of truck licence. With our affordable rates, it’s a cost-effective investment in your professional future.

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