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  • Light Rigid Class – LR Licence
  • Medium Rigid Class – MR Licence
  • Heavy Rigid Class – HR Licence
  • Heavy Combination Class – HC Licence


  • Competency Base Assessment
  • Trucks Licence from Light Rigid to Heavy Combination
  • From Synchromesh to Constantmesh(Roadranger) Gear box
  • Bus Authority
  • Manual and automatic vehicles

service-truckThe most critical component of driver safety is the skill of the operator. Earning your permit through Kool Truck Driving School is only the start of what we have to offer. With Kool Truck Driving School you are literally in the driver’s seat when it comes to your options. Our list of services is extensive and is always growing. With Kool Driving School, there is no need for you to go anywhere else. If you are looking for a service that isn’t listed on this page, please give Kool Truck Driving school a call and we will be happy to assist you or point you in the right direction.

All our instructors are friendly and approachable, and they’re determined to put safe, responsible drivers on the road. We teach proper techniques and effective truck driver safety, and from the feedback we’re getting from employers and students, it’s clear that we’re not just meeting our goals-we’re exceeding them. We always emphasize safety and driver responsibility, and it shows. Contact Kool Truck Driving School today for further details

Are you considering getting your light rigid licence(LR licence) in NSW? Kool Driving School can help. We have years of experience in helping drivers to upgrade to a LR truck licence in Sydney, and we can help you too. With great practice vehicles, affordable lesson prices and experienced instructors who can explain important concepts clearly, there’s no better place to go to get your LR licence...

Do you want to drive professionally? Kool Truck Driving School can help you to learn everything you need to know so you can get your MR licence in Sydney, NSW, and get working. Our instruction methods have been proven to be effective in training people of all backgrounds the skills needed to be a better medium rigid (mr licence) driver in a professional environment. All classes are developed with ...

Is a career in truck driving in your future? Kool Driving School has the educational program available to help you get your HR licence in Sydney, so you will be able to get started in your new career. You will learn how to get behind the wheel of these large hr licence trucks and drive them as safely as possible. We have the finest instructors utilising the best teaching methods to provide you with th...

A HC licence truck is a prime mover that has at least three axles, and a semi-trailer with at least two axles. These vehicles have minimum GCM ratings of 24 tonnes, or a Heavy Rigid vehicle towing a trailer, trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more. If you are looking for a career in intrastate and interstate logistics, chances are that this is the kind of vehicle you will b...

Does your current job leave you longing for the open road? Kool Truck Driving School provides you with the help you need to stop dreaming about a new career and start driving with truck driver training. We give you everything you need to learn how to properly drive a truck in a professional manner. Our safety standards provide you with the knowledge of what is expected of you while you are on the road...

Do you want a career in trucking? Kool Truck Driving School can help you to get started in your new career with the best truck driving school. We provide you with the expert instruction you are looking for to learn how to properly operate a large truck. Our professional driving instructors will provide you with the information you need to understand how to properly operate a truck of any size so you c...

Is the only thing you are lacking for your new career your truck license? Kool Driving School has the instructional environment you have been looking for so you can finally get your truck license and get started in your career. Our proven learning environment provides people just like you the kind of help needed to understand exactly what it takes to be a great truck driver. We teach you everything yo...

Do you want to become a better truck driver? Kool Driving School has the education plan you have been looking for with our truck school. We have been teaching people just like you all the skills needed to get behind the wheel of a truck. When you are finished with our school, you will be a safe and experienced driver ready to hit the open road. Get the education you need today when you contact us....