Need a Truck Licence in NSW?

Kool Driving School has a range of courses to suit all license classes in New South Wales. Whether you want to get a light rigid truck licence to drive a larger minibus, or a heavy combination licence to drive the prime mover of your dreams, we’ve got a convenient and affordable course to suit.

Whether you wish to drive a small school bus, minibus or light courier vehicle, we have the tools to get you started!

LR Licence Course Flyer

A medium rigid truck is any rigid truck with two axles that has a GVM over 8 tonnes or a two axle bus above 8 tonnes GVM.

MR Licence Course Flyer

A heavy rigid truck is any vehicle:

• not being an unladen prime mover, with a minimum of 3 axles, and a minimum of 15 tonnes GVM, or

• a modified 3 axle prime mover with a certified detachable tray (with capacity to carry 75% of its specified GVM) with a GVM of 15 tonnes, or

• a three axle articulated bus or a 3 axle bus above 15 tonnes GVM.

This licence is for those who need a heavy rigid truck licence in NSW and include intrastate and interstate heavy transport workers & logistics contractors.

HR Licence Course Flyer

A HC truck is any prime mover with a minimum of three axles and a semi-trailer with a minimum of two axles – the vehicle must have a GCM rating of at least 24 tonnes, or heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer – trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more. If you want to drive large vehicles for intrastate and interstate transport, you will need to get an HC truck licence in NSW.

HC Course Flyer